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No Strings Attached

By February 26, 2011One Comment
Ahaa, ni lah movie yang prof tengok ngan Hanis semalam…
Tujuan utama prof nak tgk si Natalie Portman berlakon…excited gile la prof tgk starting cite ni, tetapi bile dah lame2 tgk agak SENGET gak cite ni. hahaha
Nasib baik prof bawak tentera pempuan je sume…ngan Hanis n Az. 
Ni sinopsis cite No Strings Attached, prof copy dari someone’s blog:
This film’s theme is symptomatic of the current times and mores. Elizabeth Meriwether’s screenplay attempts to tap into the current social scene where commitment phobic couples prefer to explore their limitless sexual options(facilitated easily by mobile phones and internet), embarking on relationships minus the responsibilities that go with the territory. Emma(Natalie Portman) and Adam(Ashton Kutcher) are one such emotionally/relationship challenged couple who spend most of their time trying to deny their true feelings for each other while still trying to enjoy the benefits of being sex-buddies –pursuing round-the clock, emotion free, no questions asked gratification. 

The two people are obviously struggling with complicated personal experiences rending them emotionally wounded and they obviously are also heading towards some tough times before attaining the happily ever after. It’s predictable alright but not tedious. The premise may also appear as silly as they come but Reitman’s light-handed treatment and Meriwether’s frothy writing combine well to keep us pleasantly surprised. Reitman’s narrative is pretty genial and engaging with the comedy and half-baked, short-on-mush romance cruising along on a steady dose of amusing moments. Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman share some eye-pleasing chemistry so there is definitely more to this film than mere routine romance!


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