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My Baby…i love you!

By November 20, 2012October 21st, 2017No Comments

Hello there…

Semalam masuk lab, meneruskan tugas…look what I had found??? Taraa…

Hoorey! i’ve been waiting for long time nak dapatkan hasil ni. Dunno what exactly it is…so, kene analyze dulu dapat kan peak kat FTIR then baru tahu ni desired product or undesired. my desired product is Lactide which produced from Lactic Acid polycondensation. Alhamdulillah…

Insyallah, kalau xde ape2 halangan then this saturday  I will proceed with another experiment in vacuum condition and nitrogen atmosphere so that the water can be remove easily. Insyaallah…

Nak tengok FTIR punye peak?? something like this, the same but not exactly…

Till then..good bye

With Love, xoxo

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